An 8-sting tenor ukulele that has several custom features. First there is the side soundport which helps direct more sound to the player, and second the instrument has some very nice pickups.
Over 100 pictures in the archive. From plans to completion.

A Cittern shaped guitar built custom for someone who wanted a "medieval" looking instrument that played like a guitar.
This extensive set of photos is the kind of documentation you can expect if you comission a custom instrument from me.
This was a very fun instrument to build.

This is where it all started for me. Old #0 is my first guitar, built strictly to the instructions of the iconic text "Guitarmaking" by Cumpiano and Natelson. I've significantly updated my techniques since this time, but continue to build with mostly hand tools as this guitar was.
A 1-size parlor guitar.

My first commission. Built for a friend who believed in my abilitys as a luthier.
Another 1-size in some amazing koa.

One of the most challenging and successful instruments I've ever built is this flamenco guitar following a Santo Hernandez plantilla.
The Carpathian spruce top and satinwood body produce a Flamenco punch while looking amazing at the same time.

A traditional 000 with EIR back and sides.
Except it has a 13-fret neck.
Oh, and a raised firngerboard.

A couple ukes. One built with the materials of a classical guitar, the other curly maple.

I currently offer options for a raised fingerboard and player-side sound ports.

An early instrument in satinwood. My first extensive inlay work.