She's a big girl.

Top of the guitar showing the long-saddle pyrimad bridge, the shell soundhole ring, and the tortoloid pickgurard.
I make an unusual bridge for 12-strings - A wide pyramid bridge with the paired-strings pinned together. This makes for a much less massive bridge, more responsive sound, and it is surprisingly easy to change strings.

Beautiful ribbon figure genuine mahogany. This wood is going to be harder and harder to come by in the future.
And the headstock joint is a diamond volute. A standard feature even on the big 12-string head.

Another view of the body showing off the contrasting ebony binding.

12 machines on a headstock makes for a wide expanse of ebony - beautiful!

A closer view of the diamond headstock joint.
Simplicity, strength and utility all rolled into one little arrow of wood.

Dark grain filler on the mahogany body gives that classic stippled appearance.

Under construction. The inside of the back, showing my signature diamond reinforcments. Let's you know that the ebony highlight strip is solid all the way through the back.

The guitar comes with a TKL tweed archtop hardshell case.